One of the most important aims and objectives of the Biodynamic Association of India is the support of research projects on the bio-dynamic method of farming in India, and the dissemination of articles and reports as the result of research and experience by scientists and practicing BD farmers.

Research Applications in the Field

Soil Testing Lab in a Van

Dr. K. Perumal of MCRC, Chennai has come up with a modern way of using chromatography for soil testing. With their technology, soil testing can be done at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods. Apart from their laboratory in Chennai, they also have a lab in a bus, which can travel to remote parts for soil testing & even a briefcase model to be taken by motorbike to places where even the bus cannot go.

International Publication

Why Cows have horns
There is hardly an animal organ which is so discussed as the cow horn, It is both fascinating and disturbing. Many cows no longer have horns because either they have been disbudded as calves or the growth of the horns has been bred out of them.
Before deciding to embark on such an invasive procedure we should surely understand what horns mean for the cow. This booklet sheds light on the issue by bringing together some basic facts and observations

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