Biodynamic Planting Calendar 2024

The Planting Calendar is published annually and based on astronomical data for India. Data is provided by Dr Brijmohan Thakore, Gujarat, India and Dario Anderle, Trieste, Italy.  Produced at Bhaikaka Krishi Kendra, Ravipura Gujarat, India

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Planting Calendar

Monthly Charts are provided with symbols as per international norms. The rhythms indicated are:

  • Position of Sun in Constellation
  • Position of Moon in Constellation
  • Full Moon and No Moon Dates
  • Moon Opposition Saturn
  • Ascending and Descending Moon
  • Ascending and Descending Lunar Nodes
  • Inner and Outer Planets in relation to Moon
  • Root, Flower, Leaf and Fruit Days

Time Correction

The typical location set for the Calendar is Allahabad. All specified times, for India are based on IST longitude [82.5E] [+5:30 UTC]. For other cities, the time correction is as per the table alongside.

Developing Perception and Insight

It is the farmer who must work with the rhythms and develop a perception of appropriate farm work to enhance the positive influences and retard the negative influences. This develops with practical work and recording the results. As each farm has its own individuality, the farmer develops an insight for the farm.

Farmer Empowerment

The Calendar is an open-source data document. It is an appropriate knowledge tool for the farmer. It empowers the farmer to work with the principles of biodynamic farming to create food with vitality for nourishment. By presenting all the astronomical data in the calendar, no dependency is created in the farmer for external advice.