Biodynamic Preparations

Cow Horn Manure (BD 500)

Earth polarity: made from cow manure, which is filled into cow horns and buried in the soil over winter. It brings in the earthly forces and helps the soil develop humus and structure. It also attracts earthworms and soil micro-organisms.

Cow Horn Silica (BD 501)

Light and Warmth polarity: Horn Silica is made from ground quartz crystals. It is buried in the horns over the summer. Only a tiny amount is used to take the light forces into the roots and to aid photosynthesis.

Yarrow (BD 502)

Stimulates the potassium, silica and selenium, activating bacteria and helps combine sulphur with other substances. Remedy for weakness in flowering and fruiting and strengthens the plant against insect attack.

Chamomile (BD 503)

Helps retain nitrogen, calcium and sulphur. Stimulates manganese and boron, as well as azotobacter activity – the best bacteria for making nitrogen in the soil.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle (BD 504)

Conveys intelligence to the soil, helps proper decomposition, aids chlorophyll formation and stimulates iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphur bacteria activity in the soil.

Himalayan Oak Bark (BD 505)

Helps restore balance when water activity is working too strongly, such as after lots of rain or at full moon. It also helps protect against fungal disease. Helps calcium and phosphorus work into the earth in a living form.

Dandelion (BD 506)

Stimulates the potassium/silica bacteria and fungi in the soil to enable it to work more effectively. Silica makes the plant more inwardly sensitive. Can help increase flowering and filling of fruit out to tips. Also stimulates the magnesium, boron and selenium soil activity.

Valerian (BD 507)

Stimulates the phosphorus process and mobilises the phosphorus activating bacteria in the soil, as well as selenium and magnesium. Prevents the flowering process becoming excessive. Forms a warmth blanket around the compost heap. If sprayed onto blossoms in spring can provide protection against late frost.

Casuarina tea (BD 508)

Works with the water balance in the atmosphere as a fresh tea and is used to prevent and stop fungal growth, sooty mould and tightens plants against becoming soft and open to mildew infection. Fermented Casuarina tea works in the soil to stimulate the growth of beneficial fungi and large hyphae and is applied with the afternoon soil sprays.