Approved Inputs

Inputs accepted for use in Demeter farms

External inputs can be used on Demeter farms only with an official acceptance from the Demeter Certification Office (DCO) of the BDAI.

The DCO has a procedure in place to verify an input to find out whether the input is acceptable for use in Demeter farms. Once the input has been reviewed and accepted, it can be used on the farm.

In order to apply for input verification, please write to

Below is a list of inputs that have been verified and accepted for use in Demeter farms.

S. No Name Input Serial Number Manufacturer Purpose of Use Valid Until
1 BD 500 Soil Fertility NA
2 BD 501 Plant health NA
3 BD 502 Soil Fertility N/A
4 BD 503 Soil Fertility N/A
5 BD 504 Soil Fertility N/A
6 BD 505 Soil Fertility N/A
7 BD 506 Soil Fertility N/A
8 BD 507 Soil Fertility N/A
9 CPP Soil Fertility / Plant health N/A
10 BD Compost Soil Fertility N/A
11 Vermi Compost (innoculated with BD preps) Soil Fertility N/A
12 Biosar Power DI101/24 CNG Agrocare Pvt. Ltd. Soil Conditioner 31/03/2025
13 Biosar Doctor Tee DI102/24 CNG Agrocare Pvt. Ltd. Biopesticide 31/03/2025
14 Eurosulf DI103/24 Eureka Enterprises Soil Fertility 31/03/2025
15 Copper oxychloride(Blue Copper 50% WP) DI104/24 Parik Enterprises Pvt. Ltd Fungicide 31/03/2025

Note for Input manufacturers:

Input manufacturers can apply for input acceptance to the Demeter office at Once the input has been approved, the term “accepted for use in Demeter farms” may be used on the labels of the accepted inputs. Without a formal acceptance, the input manufacturers are not entitled to use this term on the labels, even if the input is part of the list below.