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 Preparation 501 - Cow Horn Silica                                                             

BD501 crystals This is finely ground quartz crystals specially prepared. The crystal should be of good quality and shape and clear. It is buried in a similar manner to Preparation BD500, but this time it is buried in the cow's horn during the hot time from March to April and lifted in September.

It is stored in a glass jar on a sunny window sill.

BD501 crystalsIt is used mainly during the growing season and is used at the rate of 1 gram in 13 litres of water per acre.

BD501 is applied in the very early morning as a fine mist that drifts over the plant or tree. It is stirred for 1 hour in the same way as BD500.

This spray enhances the photosynthesis of the leaf, and as such compliments the activity of the preparation BD500, which works mostly in the root zone of the plant. It also strengthens the plants against some fungus attack, rots in passion fruit, and rust on coffee and rice.

Stirring BD501

  Spraying BD501

Spraying BD501

Spraying BD501Usually it is used at the beginning of the plant's development, and then again shortly before maturity or harvest. It has been found to improve the quality of the plant in regard to taste, nutritional value, and shelf life. It has also been found to bring up the Brix level in all fruits.

Preparation 501 is best sprayed when the Moon and Saturn are in opposition which occurs once each month.

Some farmers are practising sequential spraying where BD500 plus CPP is applied in the evening and the following morning BD501. Try to time this spraying so as to apply BD501 on the morning of the day before Moon is opposite Saturn.


 New Preparation - Cow Horn Clay                                                             

Cow Horn ClayClay is the mediator between calcium and silica. This prepared clay is buried in the soil in the same way and at the same time as the horn cow dung (BD500) and the horn silica (BD501). So the horn clay is made twice a year. The horn clay buried with the BD500 is applied in the evenings at the same time as the 500, stirred in the same water. The horn clay buried with the BD501 is applied at the same time as the preparation 501 in the mornings, stirred in the same water.

This is a new preparation and it is being used at the rate of 10 grams in 13 litres of water per acre. This preparation appears to make BD500 and BD501 more effective.

Bio-Dynamic Preparations BD500, BD501, BD502-507 are made in several places in India and can be purchased from:

Kurinji Organic Farms in Kodaikanal, C. Jeyakaran

Supa Pvt. Ltd. in Nainital, Binita Shah

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